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Heat Exchange Products

Industry Solution

  • HVAC

    People’s pursuit of comfortable living and office environment never stops. Building contractors around the world are looking for products that are reliable and cost effective for the use of comfort heating and cooling systems, THT heat exchange products with perfect performance and service conquered the heart of users, it is widely used in various HVAC operating conditions, such as district heating, domestic hot water, pool water heating, district cooling, central refrigeration, heat pump, geothermal collection, ice storage, pressure barrier and so on. Especially in the cooling system, THT is one of the few in the world right now has the ability to keep the temperature difference the minimum logarithmic mean temperature difference below 0.5℃ between two circulation loops.

  • District Heating
    District Heating

    District heating is an important measure to save energy and improve environment, and the important infrastructure of urban economical and social development, its development level is the symbol of urban modernization. The economic and social sustained development, the improvement of living environment comfort requirement, drove the fast development of district heating industry and became people’s main heating way. Energy saving, environment protection,cost reduction and efficiency improvement have become the primary problem in the heating industry. The optimization of district heating system design, advances in heating technology is the precondition of ensuring district heating sustainable development to achieve the best environment with the most economical energy consumption.

  • Power Industry
    Power Industry

    Electric power is a kind of high quality secondary energy, in the use of energy it occupies a considerable proportion, power technology has changed the way people live. Coal and oil as fuel for thermal power generation, in bringing people a huge amount of power at the same time ,but also produced waste gas and waste, cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the development direction of thermal power generation is to develop high-parameter units, improve the efficiency of thermal power plants, and develop cogeneration and gas-steam combined cycle units.

  • Shipbuilding Industry
    Shipbuilding Industry

    A small leak will sink a great ship. For ships that need to sail continuously at sea for a long time, a minor equipment failure can cause a series of fatal problems seriously threatening the safety of the ships and their crews.

  • Chemical Industry
    Chemical Industry

    Chemical industry is an ancient industry, it concludes food and beverage, paper manufacturing, pharmacy, petrochemical industry, silicate industry, chlorine alkali industry, sulfuric acid industry, inorganic salt industry, chemical fertilizer industry, textile industry, plastic industry etc. Complementary to the whole industry, it is not only the producer of daily necessities, but also the supplier of raw materials in the upstream of other industries, playing a fundamental and pillar role in economic development.

  • Iron and Steel Industry
    Iron and Steel Industry

    The metallurgical industry is an important raw material industry sector, known as “industrial food”, it is usually divided into ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy. Iron and steel industry is the main body o f ferrous metallurgy industry, mainly including ironmaking, steelmaking and coke chemical. Nonferrous metallurgy includes the processing and smelting of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, gold and other metals. The development level of metallurgical industry is an important symbol of a country’s comprehensive national strength, it is closely related to people’s life.


Giant Union PHE Technoloy Service Co., Ltd. is a heat exhanger and accessories business company which is jointly invested and established by China’s biggest PHE Vendor THT and the PHE Gasket Manufacturer Lianyi Rubber. Our company is backed by and owns the high performance

  • Heat Exchange

    Since its establishment, THT has been committed to strengthening heat transfer research and the development of advanced heat transfer elements, a large number of experimental data and operational experience have been accumulated for gas to gas heat transfer without phase change, liquid to liquid heat transfer, evaporation and condensation heat transfer with phase change. In the past 30 years, THT has successfully developed seven product groups suitable for various medium and low pressure conditions, more than 100 kinds of high efficiency heat exchange products. Especially at different flow rates, the research on heat transfer performance and resistance characteristics of various heat exchangers has been at the leading level in China, among them, THT plate evaporator and plate condenser have reached the international advanced level. THT is the national standard preparation unit of plate heat exchanger.

  • System Integration

    THT has been researching and developing intelligentization since the late 1980s, especially in the integration and intelligence of fluid systems. On our own, THT developed respectively for central heating system, intelligent water supply system, hot air circulating system, integrated evaporating station and intelligent heat pump system, and formed the unique style and mode of THT. From the central control system to the intelligent heat exchange station has reached the leading level in China. THT is the national standard establishment unit for GB/ t29466-2012 of plate heat exchanger unit.

  • Waste Heat Recovery

    Waste heat refers to the heat energy generated in the process of industrial production, which is not utilized and discharged. It is secondary energy carried in solid, liquid and gas medium such as slag, waste water, circulating water, spent steam and smoke. Middle and high temperature waste heat recovery technology is relatively simple and widely used, but low grade waste heat with low temperature has huge recover space, but it is difficult to recovery. Together with Tsinghua university and Xi’an Jiaotong university, THT has carried out the research and development of waste heat recovery technology and mature waste heat recovery and utilization integrated system can recover and comprehensively utilize these low-grade waste heat. At present, it has been applied to flue gas recovery and treatment, and gradient utilization of geothermal water, waste heat utilization of industrial and civil sewage, heat recovery and utilization of industrial circulating cooling water, heat recovery and utilization of industrial waste water, combined heat supply and capacity expansion and other fields.

  • Intelligent Control

    The integrated platform of intelligent management and control of heat network manages equipment operation and maintenance through wired or wireless network., Real-time monitoring of heat source, real-time monitoring of heat network, network balance, operation decision analysis, GIS geographic information system, patrol inspection management, alarm and early warning and other aspects guide heating management from routine management to fine closed-loop management. In the fierce market competition environment, continue to improve the profit of heating enterprises.


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