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Box Type Heat Exchange Station
  • Box Type Heat Exchange Unit


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Product Description
THT box type heat exchange station is based on THT intelligent heat exchanger unit as the core equipment. It is equipped with a purpose made box which is built into  a system  solution with all functions of the whole heat exchange station, which is an important management module of urban central heating system.

Technical Parameters
Maximum design pressure: 2.5MPa
Design temperature: 150 ℃
Maximum heating area: 150000 m²
Flow rate: 750 m³/h

Product Features
High efficiency and energy saving, compact structure, flexible configuration, easy installation, firm and noise reduction, easy management, cost saving, beautiful appearance.

Product Superiorities
Standard container modular housing, combined with unique sound insulation and anti-vibration measures, fire facilities, organized drainage system, heating lighting system, waterproof system, ventilation system.
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