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HBLB Type Plate and Frame Heat Exchange
  • HBLB Type Plate and Frame Heat Exchange

  • HBLB Type Plate and Frame Heat Exchange


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Product Description

The plate and frame heat exchanger belongs to the welded plate heat exchanger, the heat transfer element of the product is plate, which combines the advantages of plate heat exchanger, has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, high temperature resistance, good sealing performance, safety and reliability.Suitable for gas-gas, vapor (gas) liquid and liquid-liquid heat transfer conditions. Especially suitable for plate heat exchangers limited by special media with high temperature and high pressure.The reasonable matching of heat transfer efficiency and resistance loss is ensured by the reasonable setting of flow path.

Technical Parameters
Design pressure: P≤3.0MPa
Maximum bearing capacity ≤3.75MPa
Design temperature: -70~300°C
Maximum heat transfer area of single machine :1600m²

Plate thickness: 0.7~1.0mm

Product Features

Compact structure, small footprint, more compact than plate heat exchanger, in the range of 1m³, the heat transfer area of 130m² can be realized. Easy to maintain, clean and assemble, easy to find and identify problems.

Product Superiorities 
Plate as a heat transfer element has the same heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency as plate heat exchanger. With strong adaptability in working conditions, the flow combination can be set flexibly according to different process requirements to achieve reasonable matching of heat transfer efficiency and resistance loss. Compared with the detachable plate heat exchanger, the heat and pressure resistance is strong, suitable for special media. The influence and corrosion of seal gasket under high temperature and special medium conditions are eliminated.

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