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Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger
  • Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger

  • Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger

  • Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger


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Product Description
Plate-shell heat exchanger is a patented product of THT company (patent no. : ZL 2012202252592), which is manufactured by welding method.
Plate and shell heat exchanger is a kind of heat transfer equipment between shell and tube heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger.

Technical Parameter
Design pressure: P≤5.0MPa
Maximum pressure-bearing capacity ≤ 6.5MPa
Design temperature: -70~400°C
Plate thickness: 0.7~1.2mm
Plate material: austenitic stainless steel, double phase steel, hastelloy, titanium, nickel, etc

Product Features
It has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, high pressure and heat resistance, good sealing performance, safe and reliable and compact structure.

Product Superiorities
It solves the pressure and temperature limitation of plate heat exchanger, overcomes the disadvantages of large volume and low heat transfer efficiency of shell and tube heat exchanger, and combines the advantages of the two kinds of heat exchangers.

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