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Chemical Industry
Chemical industry is an ancient industry, it concludes food and beverage, paper manufacturing, pharmacy, petrochemical industry, silicate industry, chlorine alkali industry, sulfuric acid industry, inorganic salt industry, chemical fertilizer industry, textile industry, plastic industry etc. Complementary to the whole industry, it is not only the producer of daily necessities, but also the supplier of raw materials in the upstream of other industries, playing a fundamental and pillar role in economic development.

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With the rapid development of modern chemical industry, THT has gone through a process of 33 years. From 1986 when it provided the first plate heat exchanger for the chemical industry, to today, it has provided more than 25,000 heat exchangers of various types to process of devices of many users, including BP, LG, DOW, SHELL, BASF, Sinopec and PetroChina, more than 80% are compact heat exchangers with plate heat transfer products, which have accumulated rich experience. 

From the initial simple products providing to doing system anlysis and optimization step by step, THT knows how different products play a greater role in the process system, how to shorten the installation time and downtime, how to improve unit efficiency, how to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, how to reduce the installation space ...... it is the scientific and systematic analysis and design that enable THT to provide services to users in a broader range.

For the purpose of meeting the comprehensive requirements of users for the safety, economy, and service life of equipment, THT provides users with system solutions, the effects greatly exceed expectations.


Pasteurization is a process of sterilization of milk, it can kill pathogenic bacteria harmful to health and make the milk change as little as possible. Namely according to the tuberculous bacterium with extremely strong resistance to high temperature thermal lethal curve and the milk that is most susceptible to heat.....

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Ethyl alcohol
The alcohol industry: As the world's oil resources decrease year by year and are not renewable, alcohol fuel becomes one of the best alternative energy sources. It takes wheat, corn, sorghum, potato kind or plant fiber as production raw mateial, be called green energy. Detachable...

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Sulfuric Acid
Generally, there are purifying acid cooler, drying acid cooler, primary acid absorption cooler and secondary acid absorption cooler in acid smelting process. Purifying acid cooler is mainly used for reducing dilute acid temperature, media generally is about 5-20% concentration.

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Caustic Soda
Primary saltwater process: Raw salt goes into the salt dissovling tank, use light salt brine obtained by electrolysis, plant recovery water and saturated coarse salt water prepared by dissolution of supplementary water.
Electrolysis process: Electrolysis includes secondary brine refining, ....

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Shell and tube heat exchanger is an important equipment in petrochemical industry, according to the statistics in the refinery, the equipment accounted for about 40% of static equipment. It is not only the main equipment in the process, but also reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of the main...

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