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HBCL Type Flue Gas Waste Heat Exchanger
  • HBCL Type Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

  • HBCL Type Welded Plate Heat Exchanger


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Product Description 
Flue gas waste heat exchanger mainly consists of heat exchange tube bundle and bellows. The heat exchange tube bundle is composed of H-shaped finned tube, tube box, inlet and outlet tube mouth, side beam, u-shaped bend tube segment, bundle support beam and other components. The bellows have a tapered variable diameter transition structure and an internal gas deflector.

Technical parameters
The design selects reasonable metal wall temperature;
Choose suitable corrosion resistant materials;
ND steel (09CrCuSb) - the most ideal "sulfuric acid resistance low temperature dew point corrosion" steel at home and abroad;
The design selects the reasonable gas flow velocity;
Adopt anti-wear device;
Using an extended heating surface, that is, an H-type finned tube.

Product Features
Reliable seal; Long cycle operation; Will not leak, not easy to jam; Convenient and quick maintenance and cleaning.

Product Superiorities 
Low maintenance costs can be widely used in heating, electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, air conditioning and other industries.

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