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OHB Type Sewage Treatment Plate Heat Exchanger
  • OHB Type Sewage Treatment Plate Heat Exchanger


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Product Description
Sewage treatment plate heat exchanger is the front-end product of sewage source heat pump system. It is mainly used to extract the heat from urban primary sewage, industrial waste water, slag washing water, printing and dyeing waste water in winter, through intermediate water exchange transfer to the heat pump unit, through the heat pump unit to the building heating; In summer, heat from inside the building is transferred to the sewage, which ACTS as a cooling effect.

Technical Parameters
Maximum design pressure: 1.2MPa
Design temperature: 90℃
Maximum heat exchange area: 500m²
Flow rate: 400m³/h

Product Features
The unique single-pass wide channel design of the heat exchanger for sewage treatment not only satisfies the heat exchange area, but also maximally avoids the blocking probability of the heat exchanger caused by impurities in the sewage. By limiting the velocity of sewage flow in the plate heat exchanger of the sewage treatment, the precipitation of sewage impurities on the surface of the heat exchanger can be avoided to affect the heat exchange efficiency. In addition, due to the simple structure and convenient operation of the waste water treatment plate heat exchanger, it is easy to clean and maintain the equipment after use.

Product Superiorities 
Sewage treatment plate heat exchanger plays a very important role in green building, energy saving and emission reduction. When the development of ground-source heat pump and ground-water heat pump encounters unsolvable problems, the emergence of sewage heat exchangers, make the sewage-source heat pump system  developed, wastewater treatment plate heat exchanger effectively solved the difficulty of wastewater use, such as the scale formation ,blockage and corrosion of urban primary sewage in sewage utilization, so that enables the heat pump to utilize the urban raw sewage to promote the further development of heat pump.

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