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Fully welded wide channel plate heat exchanger
  • Fully Welded Wide Channel Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Fully Welded Wide Channel Plate Heat Exchanger


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Product Description
THT fully welded wide channel plate heat exchanger is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights. It adopts the combined mode of wide and narrow channel, wide channel for material and narrow channel for cooling medium. Different channel spacing can be designed and manufactured according to different operating medium parameters. It has been successfully applied in alcohol, alumina and other industries, operating process medium such as fermentation mash, mash, aluminum hydroxide slurry; it has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, long service life and convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameter
Pressure-bearing capacity : 2.1Mpa
Design temperature : 350℃
Installed area : 880m²
Plate thickness : 1.5 ~ 2.0mm
Plate material: 304/304L321/316L/double phase steel, etc
All spaced columns are 316L

Product Features
U-shaped butt welding structure is adopted between plate pairs, which overcomes the shortage of v-shaped material accumulation and has stronger pressure-bearing capacity.
Material inlet and outlet plate surface wear-resistant treatment, abrasion resistance, improve the life.

Product Superiorities 
Fully welded wide channel plate heat exchanger has large-size plate, the maximum length is over 10000mm with a width of 1200mm. Adopting the technology of piecewise continuous forming of the whole plate, a plate is divided into several parts, which are pressed step by step on a ten thousands ton oil press,and finally the whole plate is formed. The length of each section and the structure size of the formed plate are exactly the same, this forming method is developed on the basis of traditional plate forming technology of plate heat exchanger, which ensures the quality of the plate pairs and welding.

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