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Iron and Steel Industry
The metallurgical industry is an important raw material industry sector, known as “industrial food”, it is usually divided into ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy. Iron and steel industry is the main body o f ferrous metallurgy industry, mainly including ironmaking, steelmaking and coke chemical. Nonferrous metallurgy includes the processing and smelting of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, gold and other metals. The development level of metallurgical industry is an important symbol of a country’s comprehensive national strength, it is closely related to people’s life.

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The development of metallurgy industry also poses a serious threat to the environment and energy resources, it mainly includes smoke pollution, emission pollution and high energy consumption. Use emissions for heat recovery and product recovery, it will provide reliable guarantee for the benign development of metallurgical industry, and realize the purpose of saving energy and reducing emission, and realize the sustainable development of metallurgical industry.

Since the establishment THT has provided various heat exchanger products and services required by the process from more than 100 enterprises around the world, from detachable plate heat exchanger to semi-welded plate heat exchanger to full-welded wide channel plate heat exchanger and plate frame heat exchanger, plate flue heat exchanger, waste heat recovery integrated system etc, widely used in cooling system, acid making system, alumina process heat energy utilization, electrolyte cooling etc, actively committed to the development of energy saving and emission reduction products and systems in the metallurgical industry, in the blast furnace flue gas waste heat recovery, non-ferrous metallurgy flue gas acid production, medium-high and low temperature potential heat energy recovery system, coking by-product recovery system, etc, for users to provide energy saving and emission reduction system and create considerable benefits. The heat transfer products and systems for metallurgical industry using complex media, involves the product type is various, THT can always provide the best solution for users in material selection, anti-corrosion design and structure design, and make the best for it to realize  intensive operation system, when you choose THT, if you only want to harvest a wisp of spring breeze, THT will give you the whole spring !

Iron and Steel Smelting

In the iron and steel smelting, we provide professional services in many parts of process: 1, closed water cooler of blast furnace 2. closed cooler of arc furnace 3. oxigen gun and deputy oxigen gun cooler 4. continuous casting crystallized water cooler 5…

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The main production workshop for coking, including coal preparation workshop, coking workshop, gas purification workshop, auxiliary facilities workshop. When coal is in coking, in addition to about 75% coal become into coke, and there are about 25% produce variety of chemicals and gas, ....

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Nonferrous Metallurgy

Alumina can be produced in four ways, they are alkali process, acid process, acid-alkali combination, and hot process. Alkali process is divided into Bayer process, sintering process and Bayer-sintering combination method. Alkali process is the method of treating aluminum ore with alkali to change the alumina in the ore into sodium aluminate solution, inpurities suach as iron and titanium in ore and most silicon become insoluble compounds, separate the insoluble residue (red mud) from the solution, the useful components were recovered by washing, the pure sodium aluminate solution was decomposed into aluminum hydroxide, which was separated from the mother liquor, washed and then roasted to obtain alumina products.

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