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Giant Union PHE technology Service Co., Ltd. is a heat exhanger and accessories business company which is jointly invested and established by China’s biggest PHE Vendor THT and the PHE Gasket Manufacturer Lianyi Rubber. Our company is backed by and owns the high performance products and leading technical resources from THT and Lianyi Rubber respectively.As a specialist in thermal engineering and service our vision is to promote the rational use of thermal energy and high production efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection that is our philosophy of operating and development. We look forward to cooperating with global PHE and parts operators and users and globally supplying the high performance products and innovative leading technology to the application industry. 

THT Heat Transfer Technology, Inc. is a professional heat exchange and energy efficient system solution service provider, the first NASDAQ list company of China’s heat transfer industry and one high-tech enterprise of China. THT mainly engaged in heat exchange products research and development, design and manufacture,marketing and service, we remain committed to create more value for customers through continuous technical innovation and precision service.

THT Heat Transfer Technology, Inc was established in 1986 it is the drafting unit of the national standard for heat exchanger and heat exchange unit, it has obtained the certification of QEOHS, the certification of ASME and the design and manufacturing license of China’s Civil nuclear safety equipment, and other eight systems certification. The PHE products successfully passed AHRI certification, obtained the supplier access qualification for many well known enterprises such as China National Nuclear Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Huadian Corporation, Wahaha Group and so on.  With more than 100 products in 8 categories THT is providing individual and professional solutions for all industries such as military project, nuclear energy, biomass energy, electric power, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, shipping, central heating, HVACR, food and beverage, sea water desalination, distributed energy recourse and so on. At present more than 200,000 application cases have been accumulated.
Corporation headquarters is located in Siping city Jilin province to be seated in the “THT Industrial Park”covering an area of 160,000 square meters, it has a large scale of manufacturing capacity and advanced integration of the entire industrial chain. At present the park has the detachable PHE manufacturing center, integrated product manufacturing center, welded PHE and pressure vessel product manufacturing center. It is equipped with CNC machining centers, laser welding and cutting center, special material processing center, automatic production line for plate processing, intelligent robot cutting group pairs welding work station, high temperature curing electrostatic spray coating line, equipment resistance loss test platform and 40000 ton press and other industry top facilities. By adopting integrated and modular production mode, plate heat exchanger production assembly capacity can come up to 1,000,000 m2 per year. Integration product manufacturing center has the first domestic heat exchange system integration production line, the assembly capacity of this production lien can reach 20 sets per day, the annual output can reach 5000 sets.
THT adhere to the philosophy of satisfying customer, staff achievements, innovation, and win-win cooperation, and has a advanced technical team and R&D system, successively completed the upgrading of the sixth generation plate heat exchangers , accumulatively gained 56 national patents. Meanwhile, THT continuously integrate external quality resources, an enterprise academician expert workstation has been built, cooperate with Tsinghua university, Xi’an Jiaotong university, Chang Chun university of science & engineering and so on, conducted in-depth studies in the field of heating energy-saving technology, high efficient and comprehensive utilization of industry waste heat and so on, always maintain our product function and design in the advanced status. Through high efficient integration of raw materials, technology, capital, market, talent and other important global resources we try to show our product innovation and THT brand concept to all over the world.  From the product manufacturing to installation and trial run, from technical demonstration and optimization upgrading we provide you with product full life cycle service. THT has built a huge service network nationwide, products have been exported to more than100 countries and regions, all partners and customers are welcomed to cooperate wit us.
In 2017, on the basis of THT the planned construction of China heat exchanger industry theme park officially started,“four platforms”quality standard platform,  R&D innovation platform, intelligent manufacturing platform and marketing service platform are being built on the land covers 625,000 m2 , through the theme park construction gather domestic and international heat exchanger and related industrial advantage resources , jointly build the world’s advanced heat exchanger manufacturing industry and culture center, promote overall revitalization and development of China’s heat exchanger industry.  In the future THT will continue to focus on energy saving, emission reduction and low carbon , vigorously develop integration, intelligentized new type integrated heat exchange system, through continuous technical innovation contribute energy to China’s heat exchanger industry !

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