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Nuclear Power Main Pump Oil Cooler
  • Nuclear Power Main Pump Oil Cooler

  • Nuclear Power Main Pump Oil Cooler


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Product Description
THT main pump lubricating oil cooler is the supporting equipment of nuclear power plant, its function is to cool the lubricating oil system medium, to ensure the safe operation of the main pump of nuclear power plant.
According to the special constraint conditions of nuclear power reactors, such as pressure, temperature resistance, energy saving, safety and external size, our technology research and development center has independently developed and creatively adopted key technologies such as bubble-shaped protruding structural plates, circular pressure-bearing shells, pure reverse heat transfer and laser welding.

Technical Parameter
Air tightness test: 0.6-0.7MPa
Maximum operating pressure: 6.0MPa

Product Features
High heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, light weight, high pressure, safety, energy saving.

Product Superiorities
The products have reached the leading domestic and international level, met the requirements of various performance indicators of nuclear power, passed the national new product identification, obtained the national invention patent, filled the domestic gap, and made important contributions to the localization of China's major equipment.
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