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Chemical Industry

Ethyl alcohol

Alcohol industry: As the world’s oil resources are decreasing year by year and are not renewable, ethanol fuel has become one of the best alternative energy resources. It takes wheat, corn, sorghum, potato or plant fiber as new raw materials, known as green energy.

As an efficient heat exchange equipment integrating many advantages of plate heat exchanger and spiral plate heat exchanger, the detachable wide channel plate heat exchanger realizes the organic combination of efficient heat transfer and convenient maintenance, and has been applied to mash cooling process in the alcohol industry.

THT product models and characteristics in the mash cooling process
1.TC30M plate heat exchanger can realize the combination of wide and narrow channels, the maximum plate spacing of the wide channel is 15mm, the material side corner hole diameter is DN300, and the cooling water side corner hole diameter is DN200.
2.Type TC15k and TC15M plate heat exchanger can realize combination of wide and narrow channels and wide and wide channels. When combination of wide and narrow channels, the maximum plate spacing 15mm. When combined with wide and wide channels, the maximum plate spacing is 11mm and the diameter of corner holes are all DN150.
3.This product is specially designed for treating medium with high viscosity and solid fiber particles. It adopts unequal spacing channel structure, with the maximum spacing of 15mm between material side plates.
4.The unique anti-blocking design of mash side channel enables fluid to flow freely when flowing through the channel, eliminating the condition that fiberous particles in the material may “bridge” at the contact point of the plate, so as to avoid blocking the channel.
5.THe unique internal flow diversion design makes the mateial more evenly distributed and flow more smoothly between the plates. The unique double line sealing structure design makes the plate under the minimum clamping force to achieve the best sealing effect, the operation of equipment is safer.

TC50L type of detachable plate heat exchanger in liquor and vapor condensing section is specially designed by THT for the liquor and vapor condensing process under negative pressure operation. Its maximum installed capacity is up to 1000m2. With the structure of uneaqual cross section diagonal flow, the diameter of liquor steam side corner hole is 500mm. Considering that the control of pressre drop in the liquor vapor condensation process is crucial to the heat transfer effect, THT adopts herring-shaped low resistance corrugated structure for design to reduce fluid resistance, at the same time, the circulation cross-section area of liquor vapor side is twice that of cooling water side, which greatly enhances the circulation capacity of liquor steam, deep corrugated structure is adopted to maximize the flow area to reduce the pressure drop. Considering the characteristics of small density and large valume flow of liquor steam under the operation of negative pressure condensation, the plate type design with large corner hole (DN500) is adopted, and the double side steam inlet method is adopted to make the heat exchanger have the maximum flow capacity.


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