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Pasteurization is mainly a sterilization method of milk processing, which can kill pathogenic bacteria harmful to health and make milk change as little as possible.That is, according to the difference principle of the heat-killing curve of the tuberculosis bacterium with extremely high temperature resistance and the heat-destroying curve of the separation of cream which is most easily affected by heat in the milk, a method of heating for a long time at low temperature or a short time at high temperature. Among them, the method of heating for 30 minutes below 60c as the standard of low temperature sterilization, has been widely used in the world. The use of high temperature treatment (heating for 20 minutes above 95C) has some influence on milk, but it can enhance the sterilization effect. This method is called high temperature sterilization.


Plate pasteurization equipment is mainly used for continuous sterilization of fresh milk, juice, beer, beverage or similar products. It can be connected with separator, deaerator, flashing and other equipment. The equipment is mainly regulated by flow controller in the feeding system, and the full flow homogenizer is used to control the flow. Since the heating and cooling of the product is carried out in the heat recovery part of the plate heat exchanger, the heat recovery rate can be up to 94%.


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