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Shell and tube heat exchanger is an important equipment in oil refining, chemical industry, electric power and other industries, according to statistics in the refinery the equipment accounted for 40% of all static equipment. It is not only the main equipment in the process flow but also the main means of reducing energy consumption and cost, therefore the technology level of shell and tube heat exchanger is one of the major indicators of the advanced degree of refinery.

THT as the leading manufacturer of heat exchange equipment in China is the manufacturing base of shell and tube heat exchanger (10,000 tons production capacity). THT holds the license of people’s Republic of China for special equipment ( pressure vessels D1, D2) design and manufacture, it has more than 100 kinds shell and tube heat exchanger series products, which are suitable for the professional needs of different fields and industries. The whole process of product design, manufacture, inspection and service conforms to the requirements of ISO9001 international quality system and the regulations of GB150-1998 <<Steel Pressure Vessel>>, GB151-1999 <<Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger>> and <<Technical supervision regulations for pressure vessel safety>> Technical Supervision Regulation.


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