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Intergrated Heat Transfer Products
Every year to provide customers with 10000 sets of selection scheme and 1500 sets of successful application case of heat exchange unit, THT standard is higher than the national standard. Configuration standardization and structure standardization: according to our company’s years of practicethe best cost-effective configuration and structure have been refined under high quality.

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More introduction

Central heating is an important symbol of urban modernization, it is the important measures to save energy and improve environment, with the continuous development of heat-supply cause, the majority of users put forward higher requirements for the stability and quality of heating. Plate heat exchange unit is the main body of heat exchange station, THT‘s plate heat exchange units are developed on the basis of the characteristic of central heating, it has good environmental protection performance, overall operating noise of the unit is lower than 70db, with compact construction, beautiful appearance, easy operation, safe and reliable. 

THT plate heat exchange unit is integrated by circulation pump,refill pump, thermometers, pressure gauges, various sensors, pipes and valves and industrial control in one set of district heating equipment, in addition, water supply system, pressure stabilizing system, frequency conversion flow control system, heat metering and network communication control system are installed. 

THT as a leading company of the industry combined a lot of  user’s  water pump ,valve selection and electric control debugging with its cutting-edge technology, rich experience and standardized module design, making overall plans and taking all factors into consideration in the selection of unit parts to tailor more suitable and excellent performance heat exchange units for users actual operating conditions. The whole unit delivered with industrial control, users only need to install five pipe lines and one power line to the electric cabinet of the unit on site, then the unit can be debugged and operated. 

Operating Principle
Plate heat exchange unit switches from the heat generated by primary network automatically and continuously to domestic water and heating water required by users. That is hot water (or steam) enters the plate heat exchanger from the primary side inlet of the unit for heat exchange and flow out from the primary side outlet of the unit; the secondary backwater passes through the filter to remove the dirt, through the secondary side circulation pump enters into the plate heat exchanger for heat exchange , then hot water of different temperatures for heating, air conditioning or floor heating is produced to meet the needs of users. 

The Function of THT Heat Exchange Unit (users may choose according to actual needs)
1.Temperature regulating control: The flow of circulating water is constant, automatically adjust heating temperature according to environmental temperature change, in order to match the heat supply with the system load, to achieve the purpose of saving heat energy.

2. Flow regulating control: The heat supply temperature is constant, automatically adjust the circulating water flow according to the environment temperature and water and backwater pressure difference. In order to match the heat supply with the system load to achieve the purpose of saving electric energy.

3. Compensate water pressure control: System pressure as measured by a pressure sensor, contrast with backwater caliber constant pressure value automatically start and stop refill pump or adjust the refill pump speed to stabilize the system pressure, ensure thermal safety and keep the system working normally, pressure control range shall be determined according to design requirements.

4. Condensed water recovery control: The condesed water will be automatically returned to the boiler room for circulation by the condesate pump that is started or closed atutomatically by level controller according to the change of liquid level in the water tank, reduce the waste of  softened water and heat, the condensate level control range has been determined at the factory.
The Features of THT Heat Exchange Unit 
1. Complete intelligent control funtions, high control accuracy, stable and reliable operation.
2. The heat source and hot water supply are adjusted by the unit according to environmental temperature, primary and secondary pipe network temperature, pressure and other parameters, it has obvious saving effect on heat and electric energy in system operation.
3. High reliability of system components with theTHT high efficient plate heat exchanger, the main intelligent components are all imported , it’s  endurable with stable and reliable operation .
4. Automatic control for system pressure, temperature and flow, high degree intelligence and automation, easy to operate.
5. Remote monitoring and with manual and automatic switch.
6. Unmaned unit can relize no need person on duty on the scene by remote monitoring.
7. Rational unit layout, compact construction, less required installation area, save investment outlay, easy installation and maintenance, suitable for various heating conditions and requirements.

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